Anyone can tip a winner once in a while, but putting the correct combinations in always is always the secret in exotic play. THIS IS WHAT WE DO! We structure the tote winning bet for you.

At the end of the day proof will be in the pudding ONE thing we promise you…you will always judge us by our WINNERS and never our LOSERS because we have so few!

Here is some important information we need you to read.


  1)     Our Mission


Always gamble responsibly! We are here to guide the punter to win and not lose. This game is about patience and discipline. In the long run if you play a certain amount everyday a profit will
be shown. WE WANT YOU TO WIN!


2)     Terms and Conditions

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3)    Privacy Policy

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certain information from site visitors. The use of cookies as well as recording of your IP number is done in order to prevent fraud. All personal information gathered on the My Big Bets web site is only available to our web developers
and is never handed over to any 3rd party. We value your privacy and take all necessary precautions to ensure that it remains protected.


4)   Disclaimer

Although only the most reliable sources are used in the formulation of the information provided, we do not guarantee or accept any responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy thereof and accordingly any and all bets placed using all or part of such information is
done so entirely at your own risk and My Big Bets will not be held liable. We are here to guide you. Gambling should always be done responsibly. Winners know when to stop.